Francesco Novy

About Me

My name is Francesco Novy and I'm a Web Developer living in the lovely city of Vienna in Austria.

I love to make things on the web. My passion is building ambitious web applications with JavaScript, HTML & CSS. I strife for interoperability and usability as well as for modern and cross-browser UIs. My focus lies on providing a great user experience with modern technologies.

I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Sentry, where I work on the JavaScript SDKs. This means that I work with various different Browser- and Node-based frameworks on a daily basis, building software that thousands of JavaScript developers use every day.

Before that, I worked at Fabscale, a company based in Austria which builds software solutions for coffee roasters. As CTO I was responsible for coordinating our technical team, as well as also contributing to the JS-based frontend application. Before I started this role at Fabscale, I worked as a frontend developer at Cropster.

Apart from programming I love to read, both physical books and on my Kindle. I also like to play tennis or go skiing as well as to play a nice round of Mario Kart or Settlers of Catan with my friends and family.

Things I like to do:

  • Write JavaScript/TypeScript applications (preferrably with Ember.js)
  • Manage technical teams
  • Plan product development
  • Work on JavaScript tooling
  • Implement interactive charts
  • Translate between technical teams & non-technical stakeholders
  • Iterate on consistent UI components
  • Improve CI workflows (e.g. on Github Actions)
  • ... and many other things!

Some work I am proud of:

  • sentry-javascript - I contribute to the various JavaScript SDKs, from Browser to Node.js.
  • Main Cropster application - I lead the effort to migrate an existing SaaS application to a SPA. This included working with charts (via D3.js), a JSON-API, translations and much more.
  • Cropster Cup - I developed a Cordova-based iOS and Android app to facilitate sensorial analysis of coffee. This included handling offline use cases and dealing with app stores.
  • Main Fabscale application - I developed the frontend of the main application with Ember.js. This included working with charts (via D3.js), a GraphQL API, an external authentication service (AWS Cognito) and much more.
  • ember-layout-components - Simply working with layouts in Ember applications, by using algorithmic layout components.
  • ember-gettext - Extract & handle Gettext-based (.po) translations in Ember applications.
  • ember-cognito-identity - Integrate AWS Cognito into your application.
  • ember-prerender - Prerender an Ember application into static HTML pages, using Puppeteer.
  • yarn-update-dependency - Simplify deep-updating NPM dependencies via yarn, ensuring all nested dependencies are in sync.